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We welcome Kamala Khan to the MCU as we discuss Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Generation Why on the podcast. We also welcome back Irene, our former fellow Defender, and her partner Lucas to go spoiler filled on the brand new show. Ms. Marvel Episode 1 "Generation Why Synopsis Ms. Marvel Character co-created by: Sana Amanat, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, Jamie McKelvie Executive Producers - Kevin Feige, Louis D'Esposito, Victoria Alonso, Bisha K. Ali, Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah Head Writer: Bisha K. Ali Episode Written by: Bisha K. Ali Episode Directed By: Adil El Arbi & Bilall Fallah In Jersey City, after a less than successful driving test, Captain Marvel obsessed teenager Kamala Khan is stuck without a ride of her own. She and her friend Bruno have been working on Kamala’s cosplay for the first ever AvengerCon for months. But when her parents won’t let her go to the event they have to get creative.Sneaking out of her house after dark, Kamala takes her Nani's bangle to add to her Captain Marvel cosplay. She hopes the bracelet will add some much needed flair to her cosplay. After enjoying everything AvengerCon has to offer Kamala slips on her costume and joins the cosplay competition. But when she adds the bracelet it activates giving her what she's always wanted, superpowers. Following the eventful night, Kamala attempts to sneak back home only to be met by her disappointed mother. Muneeba challenges Kamala to think about herself, to be the good girl they brought her up to be and get her head out of the cosmos. But Kamala can only think about her new found powers. Meanwhile across town government agency Damage Control are watching the scene from AvengerCon and want to have a chat with this new superpowered teenager. Ms. Marvel Episode 1 Cast Iman Vellani - Kamala Khan/Ms. MarvelSaagar Shaikh  - Aamir Khan Zenobia Shroff - Muneeba Khan Mohan Kapur - Yusuf Khan Matt Lintz - Bruno Carrelli Yasmeen Fletcher - Nakia Laurel Marsden - Zoe Zimmer A Return to Defending As we are returning to the Marvel TV universe we are using the format of our former Marvel podcast, Defenders TV Podcast. We discuss: - Our Top 3 Points (or Marvelous Points) of the episode - Whether we each Defend the episode or not - Notes, Quotes and comic references The Ms. Marvel Slushie Bar Quiz During each podcast we'll ask a question about each episode in our Ms. Marvel Slushie Bar Quiz. You can send in your answers each week to At the end of the six episode series the listeners with the most correct answers will be in with the chance of getting their hands on some Ms. Marvel goodies. All questions will be updated on: Question 1: What is the name of Kamala Khan’s blog production company? Feedback for Ms. Marvel Once you've watched the episodes you can email us to, you can message us @TVPodIndustries on Twitter or join our Facebook group at and share your thoughts in our spoiler posts for each episode. Follow us and Subscribe to the Podcast If you want to keep up with us and all of our podcasts, please subscribe to the podcast over at Where we will continue to podcast about multiple TV shows we hope you'll love. Next time on TV Podcast Industries Thanks for joining us for our Ms. Marvel Episode 1 "Generation Why" podcast. We'll be back this weekend with our discussion of Ms. Marvel Episode 2. We're also covering The Boys Season 3 and our podcast all about Episode 4 will be out this week. You can also join us on our main feed for all of our podcasts including What If, Y The Last Man, The Wheel of Time, Loki, Star Wars The Bad Batch, Wandavision, Falcon and The Winter Soldier and much much more.

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