Black and Native Futures: Liberation and Sovereignty with Nikkita Oliver

All My Relations is proud to offer the third episode in our series on Afro-Indigenous topics, “Black & Native Futures: Liberation and Sovereignty”, a conversation with Nikkita Oliver, hosted by Matika Wilbur and Dr. Dr. Desi. 

Nikkita is a scholar and activist who works at the intersection of arts, law and education. They have supported social justice efforts from No DAPL (No Dakota Access Pipeline) to working in the CHOP/CHAZ (Capitol Hill Occupied Protest/ Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone) during the racial justice movements after the murder of George Floyd.

This discussion centers the importance of the collective power that Black Peoples and Indigenous Peoples have to change the systems that support racialized capitalism and oppression. We talk about real world solutions that activists and organizers like Nikkita are taking to actualize empowered Black and Native futures. We know and reiterate that our stories are intertwined and it is possible to work towards shared collective futures.

Resources mentioned in the episode:

Website for Nikkita Oliver

3 Pillars Of White Supremacy 

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