Ep 123: Maximize Your Muscle and Physique with Chris Barakat

Do you have goals of maximizing your muscle and physique but are having trouble connecting the dots in your training? Sitting down with me this week is Coach Ryan L’Ecuyer and Chris Barakat to dive deep in the trenches of all things hypertrophy training.  A handful of topics we hit on are high frequency versus low frequency training, mechanisms of hypertrophy and muscle growth, training to failure, managing volume and intensity, how to design a training day focused on building muscle, and training during a deficit or surplus. Listen in to unpack the ins and outs of hypertrophy training so you can maximize your muscle and performance. What You'll Learn in this Episode: [03:33] Intro to Chris Barakat [07:45] Not being boxed into the literature [00:46] Pros and cons for high frequency training versus low frequency training [13:10] How you would spread out a high volume session [15:05] What a quad focused sequence would look like [22:00] Overloading in the shortened position versus the lengthened position [25:10] Energetic demands [27:00] The uniqueness behind high volume training [33:20] The importance of sequencing your exercises the smart way [35:15] Consolidating stressors as opposed to spreading them out over time [38:30] How to program high/low days in for bodybuilding [48:38] Proximity to failure for muscle gain [55:00] Where to find Chris Barakat Links:

2356 232

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