Drafting the dream: Strategies for drafting the best 3 card, 3 continent dream trip | Ep155 | 6-18-22

You're planning a dream trip to 3 continents; which 3 credit cards would you choose for the best combination of welcome bonuses and card benefits? This week, we talk strategy for our upcoming draft -- because once one of us makes a selection, the other two will be left scrambling to strategize the next move.

1:25 Giant Mailbag

2:38 Awards we booked this week

Link to the SimplyMiles deal we referenced: https://frequentmiler.com/incredible-the-240x-simplymiles-deal-is-being-honored/

11:22 Mattress running the numbers: Marriott Homes & Villas stacking deals


18:40 Main Event: Drafting the Dream: Strategies for drafting the best 3 card, 3 continent dream trip


Link to read about the previous 40K to Far Away challenge: https://frequentmiler.com/40k-to-far-away-afterglow-help-us-design-the-next-40kfaraway-challenge/

51:09 Post Roast


54:21 Question of the Week: Is there a downside to having multiple car reservations and deciding at the counter which update is best?

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Music credit: Annie Yoder

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