The Laetitia Toureaux Affair

  In the late Spring of 1937, the murder of a young Italian immigrant stormed the Paris headlines. The first murder to have taken place on the Metro, it was a baffling affair with no witnesses and a murder of unusual precision. As the country mired in political turmoil, newspapers filled their columns with rumours of the victims life, quickly filling the information void with sensational stories of divey music halls, gangsters and allusions to sordid affairs. The truth, however, would turn out to be far more bombastic than even the most spurious rumours, leading to the slow unravelling of a story of clandestine intelligence, assassinations and a plot to overthrow the government.   SOURCES   Tuohy, Ferdinand (1937) Mystery In The Metro. The Sphere, Sat 12 June, 1937, p.18. UK   Nottingham Evening Post (1937) The 60 second Murder. Fri 21 May, 1937, p.5. UK   Brunelle, Gayle K. a Finnley-Crosswhite, Anette (2012) Murder in the Metro: Laetitia Toureaux and the Cagoule in 1930s France. LSU Press, USA.   Furlough, Ellen (1998) Making Mass Vacations: Tourism and Consumer Culture in France, 1930s to 1970s, Comparative Studies in Society and History Vol. 40, No. 2 (Apr., 1998), pp. 247-286, Cambridge University Press, UK   ---------- For extended show notes, including maps, links and scripts, head over to Support the show by using our link when you sign up to Audible: or visit our Patreon for bonus episodes and Early Access: Connect with us on Facebook: Or find us on Twitter: a Instagram: Or you can contact us directly via email at or via voicemail on: (415) 286-5072 or join our Discord community: The Dark Histories Butterfly was drawn by Courtney, who you can find on Instagram @bewildereye Music was recorded by me © Ben Cutmore 2017 Other Outro music was Paul Whiteman a his orchestra with Mildred Bailey - All of me (1931). It's out of copyright now, but if you're interested, that was that.   

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