Trafficking & Trauma-informed Care with Whitney Trotter

Whitney Trotter on Trafficking, Trauma and coming back to our bodies in Anti Diet work.


In this episode, Whitney shares her goals for 2021 and more about her specialisation as a Human Trafficking Activist to include what defines human trafficking, the most important factors for us to understanding about human trafficking and how we can begin to screen our clients. She also shares more on trauma-informed care in practice and how we can address and prioritise grief in anti-diet work.

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Whitney Trotter: (she/her) is dually licensed as a Registered Dietitian, Nurse, and yoga instructor. Whitney has over nine years of experience working as a registered dietitian serving in the HIV/AIDS community as well as working in the eating disorder field. Whitney also previously worked at a Level One Pediatric Trauma center, as a pediatric emergency room nurse. In addition to working as a RDN and RN ,Whitney served as a member of her county's Rape Crisis Center as a member of their Sexual Assault Response Team. Her work at the Rape Crisis Center equipped her to co-found an anti-trafficking organization Restore Corps, where she now provides medical training to the community focusing on human trafficking response. Whitney is the founder/owner of Bluff City Health, a practice dedicated to embodiment, social justice and eating disorders.

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