How to dose ketone esters?

Geoff and Latt dissect the paper by McCarthy et al published in March 2021 which answers a key question from the previous research roundup: how to optimally dose ketone esters and is higher, always better?

They discuss the paper’s protocols, methods, results, and the athletes’ exogenous ketones dosing experience. What are the findings? Does it clarify the effect of dose-response effect of ketone supplementation on endurance performance and exercise responses?

Check out the previous research roundup here: Exogenous Ketone Oxidation Rates in Athletes -

Paper discussed:

Increased Cardiorespiratory Stress During Cycling After Ketone Monoester Ingestion Authors:

McCarthy, DG

Bostad, W

Powley, FJ

Little, JP

Richards, DL

Gibala, MJ

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