SHFL 096 : The 8 Extroverted Myers-Briggs Preferences Explained

To download eBooks, videos, audios, worksheets and checklists for free, click this link below. the link below to complete your free Myers-Briggs Personality Test. is the last of 3 podcast episodes about the Myers-Briggs Personality Types.  I encourage you to listen to the previous episodes first. These are:SHFL 094 :  The 4 Myers-Briggs Personality Type Preferences ExplainedSHFL 095 : The 8 Introverted Myers-Briggs Personality Types Explained  In this podcast episode, I cover 8 of the 16 Myers Briggs Personality Types.  These are the ones that start with the Extroversion preference. These are: The Persuader (ESTP)The Director (ESTJ)The Performer (ESFP)The Caregiver (ESFJ)The Champion (ENFP)The Giver (ENFJ)The Debator (ENTP)The Commander (ENTJ) Listen to this podcast episode to find out which Myers-Briggs Personality Type best suits your more extroverted personality. I also reveal my Myers-Briggs personality type, and explain how you can find out yours! Link to Blog Post (which covers the content of all 3 videos)

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