TAP 87 DUTCH Test in Detail

In this episode of the podcast, I interview Dr. Carrie Jones, the medical director of Precision Analytical, the developer of the wildly popular hormone testing kit, the DUTCH Test. Dr. Jones is a leading expert in the field of hormones. She has an amazing knack for breaking down complex science and chemistry so that it becomes extremely understandable. We dig into the DUTCH test in this episode. Dr. Jones and I discuss each of the markers in the androgen and estrogen section of the test so that you understand what each test maker represents, its significance, and how it relates to your health, and symptoms. Lots of great information in this episode of the podcast. If you want to hear more great information from Dr. Jones, you can find her on Instagram @ dr.carriejones. You can also find great content on hormones by going to www.dutchtest.com Enjoy the episode and make sure to leave any questions and share this episode and all episodes of the podcast with your friends and family.

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