Tommy Weschler (Season 2 Episode 16)

Thomas Weschler is a rock n roll photographer in Detroit and has taken over 38,000 pictures. In this episode Thomas tells us how he started by taking a picture of the Beatles off of his parent's black & white TV and selling them at school.

From Jimmy Page to Diana Ross when Thomas took a picture with Gene Simmons of KISS without makeup to Aretha Franklin, The Who where he tells a great story of selling his guitar to Pete Townshend to running into Robert Plant at a cigarette machine and he gives him a quarter.

These are fascinating stories and the best is about Bob Seger when Thomas was his road manager and Thomas taking the photo for the J Geils album Freeze Frame. 


Recommended Music:

The Beatles: "I want to hold your hand"

The Who: "Magic Bus"

Led Zeppelin: "How Many More Times"

Jeff Beck: "Ain't Superstitious"

Led Zeppelin: "I can't quit you baby"

J Geils: "Freeze Frame"

Bob Seger: "Hollywood Nights"

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