PK 238: Testing Creative Career Ideas

Mitch Bowler is the Founder of Pencil Kings and the Co-founder of Evolve Artist. He has worked with countless companies, including Pixar, Marvel, Dungeons a Dragons, Activision, and more. As a former 3D technical artist, Mitch has gone through the ups and downs of honing his craft, which is why he decided to revolutionize the way that art is taught. Both of his companies offer professional instruction and hands-on support from real artists in order to help creatives around the world take their work to the next level. In this episode… What skills do you need in order to start making money from your art? While many artists focus on creative skills such as drawing or painting, these are not always the most important skills for landing your dream creative career.  According to Mitch Bowler, exploring and developing the skills that are in demand for creative projects is a necessary step for making your artistic dreams a reality. But, how do you know which creative skills are in demand—and which ones will be the right fit for you? Mitch Bowler has some tried-and-true strategies for testing different career ideas, discerning project-fit, and taking simple steps to find your creative calling.  In this week's episode of Pencil Kings, host Mitch Bowler demonstrates how you can discover—and develop—the skills necessary to land your dream creative career. Mitch shares his strategies for identifying which skills are in demand for creative projects, how to find your calling as an artist, and the simple ways to unlock new possibilities for your creative career. Stay tuned for more!

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