PK 235: 4 Phases of a Creative Career

Mitch Bowler is the Founder of Pencil Kings and the Co-founder of Evolve Artist. He has worked with countless companies, including Pixar, Marvel, Dungeons a Dragons, Activision, and more. As a former 3D technical artist, Mitch has gone through the ups and downs of honing his craft, which is why he decided to revolutionize the way that art is taught. Both of his companies offer professional instruction and hands-on support from real artists in order to help creatives around the world take their work to the next level. In this episode… Where are you in your journey to make art full-time? Have you just started dreaming about being an artist? Or, have you already landed your first client? (If so, congrats!)  Wherever you are in your creative journey, Mitch Bowler, the Founder of Pencil Kings and Co-founder of Evolve Artist, wants to help you kickstart the art career of your dreams in the new year. With his expert advice, you can start on the path to achieving not only a creative career in 2021, but also creative freedom.  In this week's episode of Pencil Kings, host Mitch Bowler discusses how to transition from a dreamer to a doer in the new year. Mitch shares the essential steps for taking your art career to the next level, the story of how he first broke into the industry, and his journey to becoming the artist and teacher he is today. Listen in to learn more about how to achieve your artistic and career goals in 2021!

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