Asking Questions to Propel Yourself Forward Instead of Stay Spinning- Part 1: Episode 831

Hi Clean Nation! Today on the podcast, we have one of our wonderful mindset coaches Suzanne here to chat with Mike about something so pivotal to our success. And it’s something we don’t always take into consideration as we are trying to solve issues and problems as they arise. That is the power of asking the right questions. How we talk to ourselves has a direct effect on how we feel, our ability to problem solve, and ultimately how our business thrives, so this is key to getting right. Listen to the first part of this two-part episode about how we’ll be much more productive if we start solving our problems by first asking the right questions.

  • 4:39 The Awareness of the Questions We Ask Ourselves is Key
  • 13:09 Feeling Our Feelings Vs Wallowing 
  • 17:49 Asking Yourself Powerful Questions Every Day

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