Should Democrats Bother Going on Fox News?

If you’ve surfed the internet over the course of the last few years, there’s no doubt you may have stumbled across at least one viral clip of U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on Fox News. For Buttigieg, going on Fox News is “a no-brainer", Lis Smith, author of Any Given Tuesday: A Political Love Story, and senior advisor for Buttigieg's 2020 presidential campaign, told Molly Jong-Fast on this week’s episode of The New Abnormal. Then, Olivia Julianna, a 19-year-old activist and strategist for Gen Z For Change, reflects on her work as a fundraising powerhouse and her reaction to Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz’s attempts to humiliate her after arguing that overweight and unattractive women don't need to worry about getting pregnant or needing abortions.


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