Struggling Entrepreneur to Building a Million Dollar Online Business with Siddharth Rajsekar TIT117

Siddharth Rajshekar, worked for eight years in the corporate world before he was laid off.
This musician turned digital geek today runs one of the largest communities of digital coaches in the country. He teaches people how to live a life of freedom by sharing their expertise online.
He is also an author of the upcoming book, You can Coach, where he decodes the steps to plan, launch and grow a digital coaching business.
He wants to reform the education system by building a new breed of digital leaders. Siddharth has helped several people achieve over 1 crore in revenue using his system.
I've invited him to share his journey from being a struggling entrepreneur to building a million dollar online business.
In our conversation, you'll learn three fundamental things that helped him achieve this transformation. We also discuss how spirituality helps him succeed in his business and a lot more.
Check Siddharth's Freedom Business Model course here. 

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