SHFL 102 : The Law of Cause and Effect Explained - How it Works and Why it Works

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In this podcast episode, I delve deep into the Law of Cause of Effect. I explain precisely what Cause is, and provide examples of the type of Effects created by these causes.

I start by explaining the Law of Cause and Effect in a metaphysical way, but backed up with examples that don't seem like flukes to me!  I then cover it in a more physical and practical way. I reveal how your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions, behaviours and habits can massively influence how the Law of Cause and Effect works.

I provide many examples of the Law of Cause and Effect in action. I wonder how many of these you'll relate to? I'll talk about how this law means that success is predictable and is created within you. I'll also reveal why belief isn't as important as people make it out to be and what is more important instead.

I'll discuss the Law of Cause and Effect and Karma and my opinion on whether life is predetermined or not. This part of this podcast episode is intriguing and you may agree or disagree with what I say! 

I'll wrap up with some easy ways to help you live more at cause, so that the Law of Cause and Effect works for you, rather than against you.

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