Ep 660 | Self-Control in an Age of Self-Indulgence | Guest: Zuby

Today we're joined by British rapper and podcaster Zuby to talk about his new book, "The Candy Calamity," and what inspired him to write a children's book about health, fitness, and moderation. We discuss why some are incorrectly blaming rising rates of childhood obesity on climate change and why childhood obesity is such a dangerous pandemic. Zuby shares his perspective on the denial of personal responsibility and self-control and why racializing societal issues feeds into an unhealthy cycle of never finding real solutions. Then we discuss the Left's inversion of affirmation in "gender-affirming" procedures. It's easy to weaponize this twisting of language when most people aren't paying attention and simply want to be polite. We wrap things up by sharing the music that makes us nostalgic. --- Today's Sponsors: Good Ranchers — change the way you shop for meat today by visiting GoodRanchers.com/ALLIE & use promo code 'ALLIE' to save $30 off your order, get free express shipping, and donate life-changing food to kids in need! Annie's Kit Clubs — all subscriptions are month-to-month, & you can cancel anytime! Go to AnniesKitClubs.com/ALLIE & get your first month 75% off! Carly Jean Los Angeles — use promo code 'ALLIEBASIC' to save 20% off your first order at CarlyJeanLosAngeles.com! Patriot Mobile — go to PatriotMobile.com/ALLIE or call 972-PATRIOT & use promo code 'ALLIE' to get free activation! Blaze Socks — get your Blaze patriotic socks at BlazeSocks.com, use promo code 'ALLIESOCKS'! --- Show Links: Study: "Moving in a hotter world: Maintaining adequate childhood fitness as a climate change countermeasure" https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/23328940.2022.2102375 --- Buy Allie's book, You're Not Enough (& That's Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love: https://alliebethstuckey.com/book Relatable merchandise – use promo code 'ALLIE10' for a discount: https://shop.blazemedia.com/collections/allie-stuckey Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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