Market Correction Would Be No Surprise

(8/16/22) Markets have been on a rallying tear since May; unfortunately, these bull rallies do not have an unlimited life, and after ten-weeks of this action, markets are very over-bought, and at this point, historically, there have always been corrections along the way to re-test support. So a correction to about 4,000 on the S&P would be no surprise and would provide a decent entry point for adding a little more equity exposure to your portfolio - if, indeed, this is a trending bull market. The difference, this time, is where interest rates are now, as the Fed reduces its balance sheet. Interestingly, markets are behaving in much the same way as before, using a little hindsight bias to justify buying. The weekly technicals indicate a bullish market, but that's on a short-term basis, and care should be taken as we remember that the Fed is tightening up liquidity, not increasing it. Hosted by RIA Advisors' Chief Investment Strategist, Lance Roberts, CIO Produced by Brent Clanton -------- Get more info & commentary: -------- Watch the video version of this report by subscribing to our YouTube channel: ------- Visit our Site: Contact Us: 1-855-RIA-PLAN -------- Subscribe to RIA Pro: -------- Connect with us on social: #Bulls #Bears #Market_Correction #Interest_Rates #Fed_Tightening #Equity_Exposure #Markets #Money #Investing

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