Human Trafficking, Self Defence, and the Secret Service with Dr. Mary Beth Janke

Today I welcome Dr. Mary Beth Janke, with over 30 years of psychology, security, and investigative experience. She shares about her illustrious and varied career history, from working in the United States Secret Service, to working with individuals who are experiencing anxiety, depression, adjustment challenges, trauma, and substance abuse, to conducting research and publishing works in the areas of stalking, and domestic violence. 
We dive into the necessity of staying vigilant and discerning our surroundings, our habits, and how to keep ourselves and our children safe from predators both online, and in the physical. With enthralling stories and practical wisdom, this episode sheds light into a world of crime and violence, and how we can all take simple, yet powerful steps to ensure we remain one step ahead of dangerous and deadly situations.

In this episode: 
[00:27] Shemane introduces us to today's guest and topic 
[1:48] Dr. Mary Beth shares the mission and inspiration behind her new book
[3:08] The dangers of naivete and the importance of protecting our autonomy, and what parents can do to protect their children from online predators 
[8:26] The distressing truth and close reality of human trafficking prevalency in America, and in the world
[11:36] Dr. Mary Beth shares some of her experiences during her time in the private sector of the Secret Service as an international executive protection agent, and an investigator
[16:00] How Dr. Mary Beth mastered her fear 
[18:08] A close call in Peru when the Sendero Luminoso and Black Panther Gang 
[22:30] Death threats, red flags, and practical tools you can use to stay safe in any environment or situation 
[26:39] The importance of developing a self defense mentality and situational awareness, building confidence, and the dangers of the “second location’
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