Ep.132 - Gwen Berry, Saskilla & Menelik Shabazz

In a week where:

  1. Derek Chauvin is sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd.
  2. Matt Hancock resigns as Health Secretary after footage leaks of him kissing an aide.
  3. Chinese researchers have unveiled an ancient skull that could belong to a completely new species of human.
  4. Wimbledon is underway.
  5. Cuba announces their own vaccine "Abdala" with 92% efficacy.

In the first of two Sports segments: (8:52) After the England-Germany game, it's safe to say fans don't have much to moan about anymore, but after the group stages, people on Twitter were throwing tons of verbal abuse at players.

In the 2nd Sports segment: (21:18) American Hammer Thrower Gwen Berry is going to Tokyo after coming 2nd in the US Olympic Trials, but that's not why she's in the news. Instead, it's due to her activism. And it's not the first time either.

In Music: (34:00) Grime artist Saskilla recently hosted a half-hour documentary on black people in the music industry. And whilst he had interesting points in the doc and in the piece I read, our solutions to the problem are a little different.

Lastly, in Film/TV: (47:27) Black British Film pioneer Menelik Shabazz recently passed away at the age of 67. Which gave me the opportunity to salute and also think about what Black British film can be in the future if we just look back a bit.

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