Radio PDF | Ep 4 | Mithu Baidya

Why are scientists interested in studying G Protein Coupled Receptors? How could it impact people's lives? What are the Indian researchers doing in this area? Also, how important is mentorship for a postdoctoral fellow? Mithu Baidya, a postdoctoral researcher from IIT Kanpur, has addressed these questions in our latest podcast of #RadioPDF.

If you are a postdoc in India and would like to be a part of this podcast series, drop us a note at indiabiospeaks@‚Äčindiabioscience.‚Äčorg!

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Guest: Mithu Baidya

Host: Suchibrata Borah

Produced by Ananthapathmanabhan in collaboration with IndiaBioscience.

Edited and mixed at Scicle Podcast Productions.

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