The Best Books That Every Online Trainer Should Read #116

Today's discussion focuses on some recommendations of the best books to read as an online trainer.


The Episode: The Best Books That Every Online Trainer Should Read


There are many avenues to explore to learn and improve your online training business, and one of the most fruitful is the books you can read to up your game. Impactful books are not limited to a specific field, and today we speak about a selection of recommendations from different genres that can help push the needle in your life and business. Learning and improving is what will take you from average to highly successful and profitable, so adopting this kind of mindset is a must! 


In This Episode 

  • The range of books that can help you and your business [0:16:02]
  • How Ignite the Fire can provide a great foundation for a coaching business [0:17:41]
  • Dan John's Never Let Go and the philosophy of training [0:19:41]
  • The importance of the lessons in The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel  [0:20:55]
  • Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic and how to follow your curiosity [0:25:47]
  • Applying the lesson from How To Talk So Kids Will Listen [0:28:35]
  • Frameworks for coaches from The Simple Path to Wealth [0:29:36]
  • The profound wisdom of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten [0:34:14]


“You don't listen to financial advice from somebody who has different financial goals and risk appetites. Good advice could be good advice for somebody else, and not you.” — Jonathan Goodman


Mindset and Money

There are so many different types of books that can help you, so do not restrict yourself to a certain area or genre. We recommend figuring out your goals (something that books can help with too!) and then seeking out experts on the subjects related to those goals. A great starting point for the basics of mindset comes from our very own Jonathan Goodman and is called Ignite the Fire. From there you can dive into the philosophy of training and commitment in the amazing Never Let Go by Dan John, an older book but one with so much relevance and wisdom. On the financial side of things, The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel can set you on a path to better management and building the life that you truly want. While The Simple Path to Wealth by J L Collins is a great addition to your explorations into money and securing your future.


Curiosity and Life Lessons

There are some amazing lessons about passion and curiosity in Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic, another must-read for any creative person or business owner. The application of small lessons to bigger areas of your life is exemplified by the applicability of How to Talk So Kids Will Listen, as we believe that these ideas can be used beyond parenting! The last recommendation we have for you today is the fun yet profound All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, which is a series of essays about how to keep your life simple and healthy.


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Books Mentioned Today:

Ignite the Fire —


Never Let Go —


The Psychology of Money —


Big Magic


How to Talk So Little Kids Will Listen


The Simple Path to Wealth


All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten —


Mr. Money Mustache Blog —



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