NO NONsense! Jack O'Halloran Remembers Donner

Jay Towers & Jim Bowers were preparing for this Superman II 40th Anniversary interview with Jack O'Halloran when they learned the heartbreaking news that legendary Superman Director Richard Donner passed away at 91 years old. In Episode 36, Jack opens up on becoming the Kryptonian villain 'Non' and why he felt Dick Donner was the best director he's ever worked with. Jack gets right into everything you want to know about Brando, Hackman, Stamp, the flying, the special fx's and if that wasn't SUPER enough Ursa herself Sarah Douglas flies into our interview to surprise Jim and Jack and pay tribute to Donner. The Making of Superman The Movie author David Michael Petrou also delivers a very special message as he remembers his time working with Richard Donner. The Adventure continues and we'll never forget our beloved friend who made us believe a man can fly!

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