M1 iMac — Buy Now or Wait for M1X iMac Pro?

Improve your thinking and learning at http://brilliant.org/reneritchie​ — sign up for FREE and the first 200 get 20% off Premium! The all-new M1 iMac has it all — unbelievable performance, terrific display, complete redesign, and colors…. So many colors! But… could you do with more? No, not more colors, but more ram, more storage, more cores, more redesign, and an even bigger display? Well, I’m here to help you decide whether you should buy the new hotness now, now, now or wait for the iMac… Pro that could be coming up next. And I’m doing this for every Apple, so hit that subscribe button and bell, so you’ll know how to best save… and spend your hard-earned cash in 2021.

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