NEW Apple Hardware Boss (and Secret New Project...)

Dan Riccio, Apple’s longtime head of hardware is out — but not really. He’s going on to run a new and so far secret project. And John Ternus, the rising star of the engineering division is all in, like at the executive team level. It’s yet another huge shakeup at the very top of Apple’s leadership chain, something that once seemed eternal but really has been changing and growing almost every year for over a decade now.  But what about this, what does this specific change really mean for the future of Apple hardware like the iPhone, iPad, and upcoming M-series Macs? Well… Dan Riccio is leaving his spot on top of Hardware Engineering, and John Ternus is taking over. Apple won’t say what he’s moving on to. A lot of early hot tweets had the word CAR in them. But given Riccio moved on from Titan years ago and John Gianandrea has just taken over there, that makes the kind of sense that just really doesn’t. But I think Dan Riccio still runs Apple’s virtual and augmented reality project, and given the recent reports of what Apple’s planning to do there, what with VR headsets and AR glasses both lined up for the next few years, it’s more than possible Apple decided they needed someone dedicated to them completely, at least until the come to market. 

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