International Women’s Day, Weak Jobs Report, Mortadella and Canned Fish, Women in STEM

Lori Heinel, Deputy Global CIO at State Street Global, discusses the state of the markets after U.S. hiring slowed in February as employers added just 20,000 jobs for the month. Alex Trower, Executive VP of Global Communications at Estée Lauder, talks about what’s being done to make inroads for women in the workplace. Kate Krader, Bloomberg Pursuits Food Editor, shares her stories from Businessweek Magazine on the popularity of mortadella and seafood in a can. Rashi Khurana, Vice President of Engineering at Shutterstock, explains the need for more women in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. And we Drive to the Close of markets with Rebecca Felton, Chief Risk Officer and Senior Portfolio Manager at RiverFront Investment Group.Hosts: Carol Massar and Jason Kelly. Producer: Paul Brennan 

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