Using Behavioral Science and AI to Improve Human Productivity

In the episode, we discuss the role of AI in employee performance, how these AI systems work, their impact, the role of data in such systems, the response of the enterprise market, the future growth in this industry and a whole lot more. This conversation is between Deepak Agrawal, Associate Vice-President of Ideaspring Capital and Ramesh Srinivas, Co-Founder a CEO of worxogo. With over 25 years of industry and consulting experience, Ramesh led large IT transformation programs. He has been a partner at PwC, IBM and KPMG. At worxogo, they are building products, that align employee behaviours with organisational objectives and drive higher business outcomes, using AI. If you liked this episode, please subscribe to the show. You can also get in touch with us on Twitter: or visit our website at

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