FPH 327- The Master Was Once The Beginner

I did a podcast a while ago about “how long does it take to achieve (insert result here)?” since I get that question a lot. 

And I said in that podcast that the annoying answer is… “Your entire life.”

Often we equate what we are doing RIGHT NOW to the results we have RIGHT NOW.

Even though we do know results take time to build.

The simple fact is, our current results in life are truly an indicator of our past hustle. Ryan shared that statement with me and I thought it was a great summary.

What you did a year ago? Is part of the results you’re seeing now.

It’s why, we can’t just diet the couple of days before vacation and expect abs to pop through. And if they do? Well it’s probably because they were basically there from what you did the 4 months prior at least. 

It’s that whole thing of “one healthy meal doesn’t make you healthy just like one unhealthy meal doesn’t make you unhealthy.”

Things are cumulative whether we like to recognize this or not.

Like many of the things we simple write off as “getting older.”

We attribute often aches and pains or struggles to lose weight with old age when, sure there are changes our body goes through as we get older, but also part of what we’re seeing now is due to our past “hustle”…or lack thereof haha

Everything really does “build” off of everything else we’ve done in life…both good and bad.

And at any time we can choose to make a change. But the time is always NOW.

Not Monday. Not in the New Year…

But NOW!

Because in life there is no starting over. There is only moving forward.

And that’s why I wanted to share these 3 tips to help you start hustling today to create the life you want….

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