Patch 12.11 - Factory Expansion | New Raid Boss Tagilla | Level 20 for the flea market!?!?! | “I hate that I love Tarkov” | Exfil Episode 72 (An Escape From Tarkov Podcast)

Exfil is an Escape From Tarkov Podcast

Patch 12.11 is here!  MTBtrigger and Ronal break down everything they’ve seen so far in the patch and what you can expect to see when you dive into some raids.

MTB talks about his first encounter with the new raid boss on Factory - Tagilla, as well as the new expansion and additional areas that were added to the Factory map.

The hosts talk about their feelings regarding the flea market now requiring a player to reach level 20 on their PMC to access it and what that could mean for the early, mid, and end of wipe scenarios.

Lastly, Ronal and MTB share their tips for starting out this wipe with a focus on surviving more, shaking the rust off, and getting the jump on enemy PMCs in pvp.

All this and more in the episode!


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