Looking back on your choices (with Antonia Banewicz)

When I talk to people who are grappling with the decision not to have a kid, one of the worries I hear most often is about whether they’ll regret the decision when they get older. Will they feel they missed out on something? Who’ll look after them? What will their legacy be? Because most of the conversations I have on this show are with people whose ‘fertility expiration date’ hasn’t yet passed, this isn’t a topic that we’ve covered in much depth. Except ,of course, as a hypothetical. So for today’s episode I’m introducing you to Antonia Banewicz. Antonia shares the story of her unconventional upbringing, trying to make it as an actor in New York, and the choices she made about having kids. Now that Antonia’s in her sixties, she shares what it’s like to look back on those choices. Support the show! Become a patron Follow Maybe Someday on Instagram This reflection's episode page

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