Ep 682 | My Response to Chrissy Teagen & The Truth About “Little Demon” | Guest: Hilary Kennedy

Today we start off with yet another distasteful TikTok glorifying abortion and reiterate that this is not a rare occurrence in the pro-abortion camp. Then, we discuss Chrissy Teigen's recent comments about her miscarriage, which she now labels a "life-saving abortion." Many were not surprised that Teigen and her husband, John Legend, who are political activists, would tie this tragedy to the issue of abortion rights post-Roe. We're also joined by BlazeTV’s Hilary Kennedy, host of Four Minute Buzz, to discuss the new FXX (owned by Disney) animated series (advertised for adults), "Little Demon." The show follows the antichrist, a 13-year-old girl, as her father, Satan, fights for custody of her soul. We talk about how this type of demonic content, while advertised for adults, still reaches kids, and look into the dark past of this show's executive producer. We finish off by rating some celebrity low-rise jeans sightings. --- Timecodes: [01:04] Abortion TikTok reaction [6:16] Chrissy Teigen abortion story [19:35] Discussing "Little Demon" with Hilary Kennedy [36:40] Celebrity low-rise jean sightings --- Today's Sponsors: Good Ranchers — change the way you shop for meat today by visiting GoodRanchers.com/ALLIE and use promo code 'ALLIE' to save $30 off your order and lock in your price! A'Del — go to adelnaturalcosmetics.com and enter promo code "ALLIE" for 25% off your first order! Covenant Eyes — protect you and your family from the things you shouldn't be looking at online. Go to coveyes.com/ALLIE to try it FREE for 30 days! ExpressVPN — have more anonymity online. Go to ExpressVPN.com/ALLIE and get three extra months FREE. --- Show Links: Deseret News: "A profane, gory cartoon has this parents group criticizing Disney" https://www.deseret.com/entertainment/2022/9/19/23357412/parents-television-council-criticizes-disney-little-demon-fxx --- Buy Allie's book, You're Not Enough (& That's Okay): Escaping the Toxic Culture of Self-Love: https://alliebethstuckey.com/book Relatable merchandise – use promo code 'ALLIE10' for a discount: https://shop.blazemedia.com/collections/allie-stuckey Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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