How This Realtor Is Out-Selling MEGA TEAMS As An Individual Agent! | GSD Mode Podcast Interview

GSD Mode Podcast Interview With Brittney Pino & Joshua Smith. Brittney has done it all throughout her 2-decade long real estate career!


From making over 6 figures her very first year as a real estate agent, to running and operating the #1 real estate team in Louisiana, then deciding to switch back to being an individual agent and outperforming MEGA teams in the real estate industry, it’s safe to say that Brittney has carved her own path as a real estate agent and found a way to succeed every step of the way. Now she is doing $1 Million+ in Gross Volume Sales every year as an individual real estate agent and shows no signs of slowing down! Listen to Brittney and Joshua do an in-depth dive into Brittney’s career, including why she decided to step away from running the #1 real estate team in Louisiana and convert back to being an individual real estate agent, in today’s GSD Mode Podcast Interview! Check it out! #GSDMode4Life


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