#26: A poem for all the times you had a thought and lost it..

.. and another one where you had a sort of mental clamour that makes you feel like you are falling into a bottomless hole. Emily Dickinson makes a debut with this episode, with not one but two poems. Emily Dickinson is not a poem, to be read on one day. You will almost alway remark what is the hype about? But if you read her poems as a collection, savour it like you would a whole season you realise Emily Dickinson is not a mood, she is an emotion. In Episode 26 and in the upcoming episode 27 I am exploring five of her poems to give you a sense of what I mean. I hope you will enjoy this little stroll through the garden of her verse. Listen in! The poems I read today are from the links - http://academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu/english/melani/cs6/cleaving.html http://academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu/english/melani/cs6/funeral.html The host, Ravneet Bawa as -   @one_third_above on Instagram   @maikeya on Twitter   Email: ravneet_bawa@icloud.com              Disclaimer: This podcast is created for sharing with friends and family, and only as a passion project amidst the Covid lockdown with no commercial interest. In all episodes I read from sources on the public internet or copies of books I possess. The commentary is all my own.

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