Healthcare cyber insurance is no longer an option.

Guest Sumit Sehgal of Armis, and Boston Medical's former CISO, comes on the show to discuss the uptick in cyberattacks on healthcare institutions and why it is no longer an option not to have cyber insurance, Ben takes a closer look at a specially modified Android phone, and Dave discusses how the Trump Administration's Department of Justice got creative in trying to ferret out leakers of classified information.  While this show covers legal topics, and Ben is a lawyer, the views expressed do not constitute legal advice. For official legal advice on any of the topics we cover, please contact your attorney.  Links to stories: We Got the Phone the FBI Secretly Sold to Criminals Trump Justice Dept. effort to learn source of leaks for Post stories came in Barr’s final days as AG, court documents show Got a question you'd like us to answer on our show? You can send your audio file to or simply leave us a message at (410) 618-3720. Hope to hear from you. 

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