Poop Confessionals: COLONICS, Lymphatic Detoxing & Sweating With My Colon Hydrotherapist. Holy Sh*t This Is Good.

TMI? YUP! We are about to take our friendship to the next level, friend! Today I chat with my Colon Hydrotherapist, Ciara Mumford. She's an expert on all things detoxing, lymphatic drainage, colonics + enemas!
Buckle up, because we break it all down! Want to know what to expect when getting a colonic? Let’s dive in!
  • What a colonic is
  • The two types of colonics + what to expect from each one
  • How to prep for a colonic
  • The benefits of a colonic + how often to get one
  • The difference between colonics and enemas
I promise this episode is one for the books!
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