Move from feeling the fear to fearLESS with Stephen Somers

Extremely excited to talk to Stephen Somers – – a successful entrepreneur who has actually demonstrated the know-how for effectively building a seven figure global Amazon business, and who is teaching others how to do the same! Stephen will share with us his personal tips of How To Go From “Feeling the Fear” to FearLESS by making simple changes to one’s mentality! A NOT-TO-BE-MISSED SHOW on my C-Suite Radio / C-Suite Network Host Page! Stephen started out working in the Mental Health Commission in Dublin, Ireland – a low-paying government job. He knew that he wanted more from life and spent most of his days Googling “how to make money online”. In doing so, he encountered just about every money-making scam on the internet! After discovering a friend of his Aunt’s was running an online eCommerce business, Stephen immediately traveled to the other end of the country to be introduced to him. Several weeks after meeting Robert, Stephen took his own very minimal savings, quit his job, packed his bags, and went to work in a freezing cold warehouse to learn the ropes! From that moment on, he was hooked, and together they went to work on growing and streamlining Robert’s business. Together they expanded globally into multiple markets and became more effective and efficient sellers. Within three short years, Stephen and Robert (who are still business partners to this day) had built a 7 figure global Amazon business. They noticed not many people were teaching how to sell anything other than “hot products” on Amazon which are way too competitive and tricky to win with. Driven by a desire to share their knowledge and help others, they set out to teach people a better, more scalable, and sustainable way to build an Amazon business to the 7 figure level. Taking their approach of selling low-competition, high-profit, “boring” products, they created an online training program. From this program, they have built a global freight company, an entire software suite, and multiple 7 figure service-based companies that are built to serve one purpose – helping their members build and scale their business as efficiently and effectively as possible. Each of these businesses is based on one simple premise – the success of their clients. Now expanding beyond the eCommerce industry, Stephen and Robert are helping other online business owners and entrepreneurs become disruptive industry leaders and dominate their markets. They are doing this through their newest service and training company Grow My Reach. Uplifting you to fear less and to live more! #Grateful #Radio #Podcasts #CSuiteRadio #CSuiteNetwork #CTRN #HaltonHonda #Forever #AHAthat #VRRMediaProductions #CrackingTheRichCode #BrittVentures #JimBritt #KevinHarrington #GoldsmithStakeholderCenteredCoaching #Entrepreneurs #LivingFearlessly Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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