#48 How to transcend your dichotomy | Brooke Monaghan

Brooke Monaghan is a coach, podcaster, speaker, and writer who helps entrepreneurs create businesses that bring their greatest gifts to the world, align with their values, and honor the lifestyle that they desire. Her work focuses on helping business owners unlearn the conditioning that has them ditching their insticts, intuition, and integrity in favor of doing business the “right” way. Her podcast, Transcend Your Dichotomy, explores and exposes the illusion that success as an entrepreneur is at odds with our truest selves, our deepest desires, or the impact we’re after, and speaks to how the narrative around entrepreneurship can often feed an unhelpful mindset that keeps us detached from our greatest gifts. Brooke leads two group coaching and mentorship programs, Transcend Your Dichotomy Training Camp and The Rule Breakers’ Crew, where she connects entrepreneurs with ways to care for themselves and their business growth at the same time through self coaching tools and a community where doing business differently is celebrated. Brooke’s work seeks to not only connect entrepreneurs with their own ability to create thriving business than honor who they truly are, but also to disrupt the narrative of self-sacrifice that we hear in the business development space, and support business owners as they step away from harmful business practices and resist the status quo.   STAY IN TOUCH!    ✨ Connect with Brooke ???? Website: https://www.brooke-monaghan.com/ ???? Instagram: www.instagram.com/briggsmonaghan   ✨ Connect with Agnes   ???? LinkedIn: http://bit.ly/3bmQ6lW ???? Instagram: http://bit.ly/2Hb0uiV IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH TO ME IF YOU SUBSCRIBE TO MY YouTube CHANNEL:  ????http://bit.ly/2WWNG6A

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