Holly Hayes: On How Adversity Equipped Her to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Real Good Company is a show where we talk with real people building good companies that are making a real impact. We’re so excited to welcome today’s guest, Holly Hayes, an award-winning author, world-renowned recovery ministry expert, and founder + CEO of Sanctuary Project, a community of advocates bringing hope and healing to survivors of trafficking, violence, and addiction. 

Sanctuary Project is a survivor-run nonprofit social enterprise that empowers and employs survivors in the jewelry design and creation business. One hundred percent of the sales go directly to providing more job opportunities and training to survivors. Hayes, a survivor of trauma herself, has always been an entrepreneur and hustler, even when she was in the darkest part of her life. A natural entrepreneur, she innately saw margin and opportunity to build business from a young age.

Sanctuary Project was recently named Austin Woman Magazine's 2020 Women's Way Business Awards "Business to Watch - Under $3M." Their impact jewelry line can be seen both online and at several local and national boutiques and was picked up by Target.com in the Fall of 2020. An award-winning author of the book “From Basement to Sanctuary,” Hayes is passionate about helping others find "sanctuary" from trauma. She is also a coveted women's ministry and business leadership speaker and has spoken at conferences all over the globe about transformation from trauma.

A full circle moment, Hayes uses her business prowess to bring good to the world. Today’s podcast focuses on From a life of drugs to trafficking, to a career in real estate to starting her own company, Hayes’  journey taught her the skills and the pitfalls of running a company.

Today, she speaks in the women’s jail and shares her story to inspire them to harness their innate talents and skills for good.

Hayes tells the story of the turning point of her story in 2001 and how she turned her life around. She shares business skills and leadership skills that she harnessed from her past experiences to create her business. She also offers advice for founders on how to determine how much equity to give investors and employees.

You can find out more about Brant and everything mentioned on today’s show here. Also, you can find Holly on Instagram @hollychristinehayes and on Facebook here. Get to know our hosts on Instagram @CaitlinCrosby and @AllieBridge. Please be sure to rate, review, and subscribe so that we can stay in Real Good Company!

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