160 A Menstrual Health Journey with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack

So many of us only start to get to know our cycles when we’re looking to get pregnant. But the truth is, tracking and getting to know our cycles is one of the most critical and powerful forms of ‘me-search’ you can practice – at any age: those looking for natural contraceptive, those looking to learn how to use their cycle as a key indicator of their health, and, for those women who are anywhere on their conception journey – from thinking about getting pregnant soon to seeking fertility support, and everywhere in between – to identifying the changes that herald perimenopause and menopause.

In this episode, I share a Hormone Intelligence Chat (you can learn all about those here) in which I sat down with Lisa Hendrickson-Jack to discuss her menstrual health journey – and how and why cycle-tracking and fertility-awareness can empower you to take control not just of your fertility, but of your overall health, and your life.

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