CSP S5E069 - Ep. 69, Breast Cancer Awareness

Welcome to the Cancer Secrets Podcast hosted by Dr. Jonathan Stegall. | In today's episode, Dr. Stegall focuses on Breast Cancer as October is Breast Cancer Awareness. He shares sobering stats as well as practical methods and treatments for helping treat and prevent cancer. Dr. Stegall wants to go beyond simply wearing pink or relying on trendy hashtags and clever marketing movements and focus more on prevention and actual treatment methods. As he says, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Also, in today's episode, Dr. Stegall mentions his brand-new and exciting launch of Cancer Secrets University (CSU). CSU offers 5 Modules, 40 Video Lessons, and 6 Bonus Lessons. CSU offers a comprehensive VIDEO ON-DEMAND COACHING PROGRAM to empower cancer patients, caregivers, and survivors with the latest research and weapons in the fight against cancer.

To order Dr. Stegall's Amazon best-selling book, read the blog, listen to the podcast, or now sign up for access to Cancer Secrets University (CSU), visit cancersecrets.com. Listeners of the Cancer Secrets Podcast can use the discount code "CSUPodcast" to receive a discount when signing up for CSU.

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