Being Your Own Brand in the Gig Economy w/ Deepak (Chuck) Gopalakrishnan

Have you ever dreamt of being at the helm of your own brand as a freelancer?

We’re in conversation with Deepak (Chuck) Gopalakrishnan about creating distinctive personal brands as key differentiators in a highly competitive and rapidly growing global gig economy. Coupled with sage wisdom about tackling frantic freelancing hurdles that include finding a work-life balance, multi-tasking, time management, structuring & organising processes and output.

Deepak is a digital marketing and strategy freelancer, podcaster, co-founder of Rough Paper Creative, and an ‘09 MICAn. Having worked with the likes of Ogilvy, Leo Burnett India, & OML +, Deepak chose the gig economy and built his digitally enabled self-brand “ChuckOfAllTrades”.

During this riveting episode we explore:

1:20 - How to balance multiple gigs and responsibilities effectively, as a freelancer

2:53 - Discussing the pandemic’s push to the global gig economy, and excelling in the world of freelancing today

20:34 - How to build audiences that love your content

35:22 - The coveted origin story behind Deepak’s self-brand ‘Chuck’

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