#111: Holden Cookson | Against the Grain New England

The guys are joined by a fellow UMaine Farmington grad, Holden Cookson of Agri-Cycle Energy and Against the Grain. Holden traces back to where his interest in composting, recycling, and sustainable disposal came from, how he turned it into a career (at Garbage to Garden and now Agri-Cycle), and how his growing exposure to the logistic issues of beer helped spawn his own venture, Against the Grain. We get down and dirty on compost technique, the limits of landfills, the ideal but often illusive brewer-to-farmer relationship, and the small role Holden hopes to continue to play in making the brewing industry more sustainable while deepening its community ties. 
This was a far more informative and thought-provoking interview than we were ready for, and proved to be something the podcast is always chasing with conversations: energy-inducing. Enjoy it now, wherever you are reading this!................ .................. ................ Music: "Mountain Climb" by Jake Hill

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