Time Stamps 00:00 - Introduction   01:47 - Opening Remarks 12:06 - The Intent attribution problem   18:42 - Corruption of the Social Media System   22:48 - Robbing Twitter off its intermediary status   34:00 - Skepticism towards the State's misuse of social media   40:45 - Publisher- platform debate   48:50 - Invasion of privacy vs Undermining Indian sovereignty   53:50 - Closing Remarks   Kushal Mehra is the host of The Cārvāka Podcast. It is India's most popular podcast on economy, politics, geopolitics, religion, history, social issues, current affairs.   Abhijit Iyer-Mitra’s research focuses on defence issues, specialising in defence economics, technology and procurement, and nuclear dynamics. He also deals with governance issues and non-traditional security threats.   Connect with Kushal Mehra - Connect with Abhijit Iyer-Mitra -   Art of Conversation Want to become a master in conversations?  Check out The ART OF CONVERSATION - (Use code - MAYTHEFORCEBEWITHYOU and avail 20% off on the usual price)   Connect with us --  Instagram:  Twitter:  For sponsorships and collabs ---  Mail:   

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