Why Muscles Matter: The Truth About Essential Amino Acids & Protein w/ Kion’s Angelo Keely #440

Angelo Keely joins the show today for our first real deep dive into essential amino acids (all nine of them) and their critical role in our body’s health and longevity. Angelo really knows his stuff, so we get granular on all things protein – why lean muscle is the most important thing you can take with you into your later years, plant protein vs. animal protein, and specific diet and supplementation practices to help you get the most out of life.

I won’t spoil too much detail, but Angelo is also gracious to share two absolutely mind blowing stories from earlier in his life – the first, a scary, violent, traumatic LSD experience. The second, a deadly bus crash in India, set him on the path he walks today.

We spend the back half of the conversation getting into the inspiration behind his supplement brand, Kion – how the health and wellness space leaves room for sketchy claims and ingredients, and how committed he is to putting out a clean product. You can shop Kion’s incredible supplements, coffee, proteins, and more at lukestorey.com/kion to get up to 40% off.

00:06:05 — Meeting Angelo Keely
  • Angelo’s upbringing and parents 
  • Home birth, no school, raw foods
  • Burgeoning rebelion 
  • Violent fallout from overdosing on LSD
  • Beginning a new life and perspective 
  • Acupuncture and talk therapy to integrate the experience 
  • Understanding a new expanded context for psychedelics
  • Experimenting again – but with caution
  • Taking control of his own health journey
00:31:56 — Healing & Mindfulness Methodologies 
00:50:00 — Starting Kion & Making Supplements 
01:11:33 — Essential Amino Acids 
  • Kion Essential Amino Acids 
  • Protein 101 
  • Proteins you are vs. proteins you eat
  • Cases for supplementation 
  • Luke’s workout regimen 
  • LiveO2 Oxygen Training 
  • Importance of maintaining lean muscle as you age 
  • Plant protein vs. animal protein 
  • Amino acids and kidney health
01:35:41 — What Makes Kion Aminos Different?

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