Suicide Prevention w/ Kevin Hines

This is going to be DIFFICULT for some of you to hear. And that’s all the more reason to LISTEN.

Nearly 800,000 people die by suicide in the world EVERY year… and the number continues to rise.

That means 800k+ of families and friends are impacted and left wondering, “WHY?”

Odds are, you or someone you love has been impacted by suicide. And so I am URGING you to SHARE this week’s episode with as many people as you can.

My guest, KEVIN HINES, knows more about suicide than most.‌

He tried to end his life by jumping off the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE when he was only 19 years old.

A jump like that kills virtually everybody who attempts it.  But miraculously, Kevin survived.  And today, YOU’LL GET TO HEAR HIS TRUTH.

Kevin’s story and his message will SAVE LIVES and this may be THE MOST meaningful discussions I’ve ever had. I can’t think of a more important topic to talk about than this one.

We’re going delve into the PAIN AND FEELINGS that surround suicide, how that pain leads to ACTION, suicide PREVENTION tips, GENETICS, and dealing with OUTSIDE NEGATIVE FORCES.

You’ll also hear Kevin’s THREE QUESTIONS you MUST ask if you think someone is NOT okay and may be thinking about suicide.

*If you are having a mental health emergency call 911 or reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline by dialing 988.

Protect yourself and your loved ones.


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