Perfect English Listening Practice For Intermediate ESL Students Ep 589

##FIXED MONO AUDIO## English Listening Practice | Improve Your English Skills | Speak English Fluently 

# Updated 17 Nov 2022: This episode was published with mono audio by accident, sorry about that. We've updated the audio to be stereo.

Listening is a skill. Whether it be listening to your professors, radio broadcasts or news broadcasts, listening to people is a task that we all need to tackle. If you are learning to speak English and **you want to improve your English listening comprehension and spoken fluency**, the first and most important step is to do a lot of English listening practice ( ).

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It is amazing how increased English language listening practice ( ) helps you with your spoken English. Today we talk about something which affects us all - sleep! `Give us a listen and find out how much your English language improves`.

If the person you are listening to speaks English clearly and distinctly ( ), you can use them to practice your understanding of English. That’s what Adept English offers, super high quality spoken English ( ) that you can use to learn English with. I’ve been listening to people and broadcasting my thoughts on the same topic for 5 years now, so I have a lot of advice in communicating with others through speech.

When it comes to listening, I have a few tips for you. The first is to make sure that you are in a quiet place where there are no distractions. If possible, try to find a spot that is free from any outside noise or interference. 

✔Lesson transcript: ( )

You can also use headphones if you don’t want anyone else around you hearing what’s going on. If there are people around and they talk about something unrelated, close your eyes and focus on what the other person is saying instead of trying to focus on two things at once.

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