134. Greg Hunt

This weeks guest is Greg Hunt!

We are super excited to chat with Greg about how he got into photography and videography and how it all got started with a Minolta X700 gifted to him!

We also talk about his new photo book 20th Century Summer that is available for Pre-order right now from the link below!


Greg thanks for taking the time to chat! Make sure to check out his work!



Greg Hunt is an American filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles. Greg began shooting photos in the mid-1990’s as a professional skateboarder. Shortly after he began experimenting with motion picture film, eventually transitioning to work behind the lens full-time in 2000. Greg has since created some of skateboarding’s most seminal films along with a multitude of documentaries, commercials and music videos.

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Thanks so much guys and we will see you next week!

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