Ep 54. Adwoa chats with Stacy Sims, PhD, Global Expert on Female Athlete Physiology, and Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson Rule about breaking taboos, first periods and girls dropping out of sport, and tracking your cycle to get the most out of fitness.

On this week’s podcast, I catch up with two formidable ladies in the fields of women’s health and sport. Stacy Sims, PhD is an expert in sex differences, and globally acclaimed for her research and TED Talk, ‘Women are Not Small Men’. She’s dedicated the last 20 years to educating women, and men, on the female body, and how it responds differently to athleticism than the male body. Joslyn Thompson Rule, a woman with many strings to her bow, is a Nike Global Master Trainer, a Sports Therapist, and Coaching Mentor. She draws from her years of coaching women, and young girls as we discuss the benefits of working with the female cycle: how it not only boosts health and training results, but also empowers girls to own their fitness through every stage of the menstrual cycle. I talk about my experiences with puberty, how confusing navigating that time can be, and we discuss why so many girls are dropping out of sport during puberty, after getting their period. I definitely remember skipping P.E. during that early life phase. It’s crazy that something that half the population gets is still the cause of such embarrassment. This week’s episode is a reminder to start having open conversations with girls about periods and sport early on. To be honest, I spent most of this episode enthralled by Stacy and Joslyn’s passion and commitment to this issue. And I learned a lot of things about my body, training, and the menstrual cycle that I didn’t know. Even as an adult! Easy listening guys - and as always mad, mad love.   You can follow @DrStacySims and @JoslynThompsonRule, and you can follow us @gurlstalk. Please send any messages to www.gurlstalk.com and don’t forget to subscribe, so you never miss an episode of the Gurls Talk podcast.

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