Ep 53. Adwoa talks to Rupi Kaur about the potential of the self, the power of community and sisterhood, and the importance of amplifying marginalised voices.

Fangirling Rupi is an easy thing to do. If not for her raw, intimate poetry, for the way she talks about the power of her friendships and platonic, familial love. It makes talking (and listening) to Rupi feel like you’ve been friends forever. As we ruminate life in lockdown – me in London, Rupi in Toronto – we talk about making sense of our identity in the stillness and being gentle with ourselves. In home body, Rupi’s recently released, brilliant third book of poetry, she dedicates a whole chapter to the importance of rest. And like all of her poems, she talks with such clarity of thought and warmth on everything. She tells me, “for so long, my mind wasn’t a safe space for me, so what do you do, where do you go then? If your mind isn’t a safe space.” All I can say is thank goodness for Rupi’s words. She offers hope on the darker days, and generally makes us see and feel things differently. Enjoy listening. And as always, mad amounts of love. You can follow @rupikaur_ and you can follow us @gurlstalk. Please send any messages to www.gurlstalk.com and don’t forget to subscribe, so you never miss an episode of the Gurls Talk podcast.

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