Inconsistent English Is A Headache Ep 592

Practise English Pronunciation - Crazy English You Shouldn't Have To Care About (but do)

Inconsistent  English is a big headache. You read a word, learn to pronounce it, and  you are done. Right? Unfortunately, with English, maybe not. You can  have a word with EXACTLY the same spelling, only you say it differently.  Crazy, I know, unfortunately you just have to deal with it. Today, in  this English lesson, we help you navigate the inconsistency of English pronunciation.

✔Lesson transcript:

No  matter what language you are learning, you will run into problems with  inconsistent pronunciation. This is especially true in English, which  uses many vowel and consonant sounds. English words have a lot of  different pronunciations, making them difficult to learn. In this  English lesson, we’ll show you the most common inconsistencies and how  to pronounce them properly.

Not  only do we help you pronounce these tough words, but we also give  examples and explanations so that you can understand how to use them  correctly. This is just the hundreds of English lessons available to help you learn English fluency.

Unfortunately,  this is something we just have to deal with when learning English.  Adept English is here to help you pronounce them correctly. No need to  be confused when learning English.  Find out which inconsistent English words you pronounce differently  with us today in this great listen & learn English lesson.

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